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ABBS ‘Group’ Technologies and Products

Critical Drone / eVTOL Safety Systems

The Problem

Cargo drones and eVTOL aircraft in the Urban Air Taxi role will be susceptible to bird strikes and other hazards causing emergency landings in city environments.

The ABBS Solution
  • Patented Parachute and Retrorocket system to provide a safe controlled emergency landing.
  • Look-Down Video/AI system to identify emergency landing sites under the aircraft flightpath.
  • Back-up true GPS position identification when GPS signal is disrupted.
  • Stroking crash protection seats to prevent spinal injuries.

Armoured Vehicle Safety Systems

The Problem

 Rapid acceleration of the vehicle upwards can kill or disable the occupants by crushing the spine.

The ABBS Solution
  • Patented rocket motors push down on vehicle to keep it on the ground. Tested and proven by US Army.
  • Active Floor System protects against Floor Shock causing broken legs.
  • Carbon Fibre Reinforced Belly Plate saves weight and reduces peak deformation.

The ABBS Vision and Exit Plans

ABBS in the UK has developed and patented unique technical solutions to critical safety issues for both armoured vehicles and eVTOL aircraft.

Solutions are now ready for final development in the UK and certification in Europe and the USA.

Working at the highest levels in our markets, with DARPA, the Pentagon, the US and UK armies, the FAA, EASA, the UK CAA and world-leading eVTOL projects.

We aim to make our leading-edge patented technologies the unique go-to solutions for the major safety issues in the military and eVTOL markets globally.

By working closely with selected partners who are leaders in their chosen fields, this provides ABBS with a range of products we can offer within our overall safety eco-system.

Success in these objectives will maximize returns for shareholders on exit

Working with major partners in each market, ABBS has the required technical expertise and resources to carry out the necessary R&D to bring our products to the market and attain the necessary certification. These major partners also provide the planned/likely exit routes for the specific technology/market in which they are involved in due course

We use the AVCP and ARMS brands to market our products in Europe and ASST for the North American market.